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Thursday, November 13, 2008

Announcing: Tiro Posting for himself!

I just now figured out how to add authors to blogs, which will make this whole frequent guest-article thing much, much simpler.

From here on out Tiro should be able to post under his own name, hallelujah.

I'm on vacation in Texas. Incidentally, Oklahoma's idea of a scenic overlook:

(apologies for the low quality of the panoramic, but frankly this scene wasn't worth the effort required to do a better stitching, so I just let Hugin do whatever it wanted)
is misguided, and should rather look more like this:

Which at least has a sort of nostalgic or symbolic effect, rather than being a sad attempt to be subtle about announcing the only place in your entire state where the ground swelled enough to necessitate a road-cut. (albeit a shallow road-cut, it was made somewhat more interesting by the retired-geologist-lady who happened to be at the overlook simultaneously and made good conversation... nonetheless I suspect they only did the road-cut out of boredom.)

But I'm not being fair. Not everyone can be Chicago at night:

and besides, it's not like oklahoma is any worse than Kansas.

No, I don't have any pictures of Kansas. That's right, I didn't even bother, the last time I was there. Kansas, you are officially less interesting than Oklahoma.

And now the Melatonin is kicking in and I'm getting a bit loopy, so please forgive whatever horrors I have visited upon you today, of which I am yet unaware.

Not you Kansas. You're not a real state until you have a hill. I don't want your forgiveness!

And that really shouldn't be my ten cents for the day.

... but apparently it is.

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