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Tuesday, June 2, 2009

George Tiller

I give to you, four stories.

On Sunday last, George Tiller was shot to death in church in Wichita Kansas while handing out pamphlets.

On Sunday last, Doctor George Tiller was shot to death in church in Wichita Kansas while handing out pamphlets.

On Sunday last, Doctor George Tiller was shot to death in church in Wichita Kansas while handing out pamphlets. He leaves a grieving widow.

On Sunday last, Doctor George Tiller, one of the few doctors who, in certain circumstances (imminent danger to the mother, non-viable fetus), would give late-term abortions to women, was shot to death in Wichita Kansas while handing out pamphlets. He leaves a grieving widow.


If your opinion of Doctor George Tiller’s murder was significantly altered by the last paragraph, I have a few questions I would like to ask you.

Do you have a yellow ribbon on the back of your car? Did you vote more than once for Bush Junior? Do you own a gun?

If you answer “yes” to any two of these (there being perfectly reasonable explanations for any one of them individually, for instance an earnest belief that yellow ribbons buy Kevlar, not bullets), you are what we call a ‘hypocrite.’ Your rallying cry is “Stop killing babies, we need them to die for our crusade” and you value only human life that is either under the age of one, or Christian. ... pardon me, “Christian that agrees with you totally.” Remember, Tiller was handing out pamphlets in church at the time of his ungodly, untimely death.

You are also a rat bastard, in serious need of self-reflection.

Allow me to explain this to you. You cannot be “pro-life” and “pro-war.” You can’t. You just can’t. You also can’t favor capital punishment. In fact, about the only way you can justifiably be pro-life in the modern world is if you put a flower in your ear, do a lot of acid and lie around in a field somewhere musing about the significance of it all and trying to come up with new, creative poetry about free love.

Actually, most of the people I’ve met who I could see being pro-life without falling into the dangerous web of hypocrisy are either conscientious objectors, hippies, or Buddhists. Are you a conscientious objector, a hippie, or a Buddhist?

If not, you can’t be pro-life. I’m sick of this shit. You can’t cry about baby-killing and then go shoot a doctor to death in a church.

Fuck that shit. And if you’re secretly bouncing with joy about his death...

Well, then fuck you too. I hope you burn in a hell of your own creation.


Bobbins400 said...

I was randomly perusing different blogs and came upon your publication. As I began to read, I became quite intrigued as to why someone would shoot a person in a church. As I continued to read, I found out that George Tiller was an abortion doctor, at least in the context of the publication, that was killed in a church. Before I continued the article, I stopped and wondered who could do such a thing, and in a church nonetheless. When I continued reading, I became quite perturbed with what you wrote and am very curious as to why. Obviously the reason for my reply. I could not let this go without at least defending myself for the slights that I believe that you put upon me.

First and foremost, I voted for Bush his second term as I was too young to vote for him the first time around, which I would have done. Also, I own a gun. Actually more than one. By my inference, these things make me a conservative, which I am happy and proud to say that I am. When I read that Dr. Tiller performed abortions, I was sad at the thought of a potential life being destroyed before it had the chance to do anything for itself, and yes it did change my opinion of the man.

However, I do not discount the man's life nor believe, even in the slightest, that he deserved to die. God has a time and place for everyone and it is a tragedy that Dr. Tiller died on that die and in that fashion.

What bothers me more than a bigot killing "in the name of God" is another bigot claiming that those who share the same fundamental beliefs are to be associated with that person and also hypocritical in their beliefs.

How am I a hypocrite for being pro-life and agreeing with the current war? When a person willingly goes to fight for the freedoms and values that we, as Americans, take for granted so much, they are knowingly and willingly giving their lives to something that they believe in. When someone has an abortion, at what point did the baby get to give its input? Abortion and war are vastly different concepts that can hardly be compared for that reason. And, yes, I believe abortions should stop. But at no point do I think that abortions need to stop because, as you so delicately put it, "We need them to die for our crusade."

As you may have assumed by now, I am a Christian. I do understand what you say when you refer to the Christian that only values those that agree totally with his/her principles. I am not one of those Christians and I am hurt that I would be unceremoniously lumped into that crowd. I understand that my views are not the only ones with any validity. I also understand that by making that comment, you appear to be the kind of person that condemns any religious thought and refuses to hear it. How can you possibly be open for other opinions if you have already come to the conclusion that all Christians are the same?

Now, I do not know if you were stating your thoughts on what you believed the societal expectation of pro-life believers to be, or if that was your own opinion. I do not agree that you must be a hippie, Buddhist, or conscientious objector to be pro-life. I happen to have a friend in the military that recently returned from Iraq that is a believer of pro-life and has a child. The whole family also attends a Christian church on a regular basis and are devout followers of the Lord. They just happen to have a difference of opinion when it comes to abortion than I do, and that is totally fine with me and many of our other friends. We do not constantly talk about it, as it really has no influence on our friendship. It just is, and that is fine with all of us.

Lastly, what kind of person, other than the sick and demented, would be glad to hear that someone is dead? Regardless of who that person is, death at the hand of another person is never the best means of ending a life. Even when it comes to capital punishment, death at another man's hands is extremely tragic.

Call me a "rat bastard." Tell me to "burn in Hell." I would gladly go there knowing full well that you would be joining me shortly.

Maxwell Evans said...

"What bothers me more than a bigot killing "in the name of God" is another bigot claiming that those who share the same fundamental beliefs are to be associated with that person and also hypocritical in their beliefs."

You are, by and large, correct. I found out about George Tiller's death and found myself perusing my usual internet haunts, and came across many comments to the effect of "fair's fair, now the murderer is dead." They enraged me, and my post was made in anger.

My policy is that I own up to the words I write, regardless of how little I agree with them in the morning, so I can only say that the many groupings that occur in the latter half of this posting were more a consequence of bad writing than intent. For this, I wholeheartedly apologize.

I do hope that you peruse the rest of the blog, in which you will discover, I hope, all the necessary evidence to come to the conclusion that I am normally better than this.

However I did intend to raise the question of the value of human life. Recently, I have found in my own nation more of what I would call "intolerant conservatism" than I normally find healthy in a society.

The matter does not seem to revolve around whether human life is sacred, but which human lives are sacred, and I continue to find the stand that some human lives are sacred, and others not, to be hypocritical.

It is, I believe, a failure on my part that I allowed this to be overshadowed and reduced by my own anger. I hope you will peruse more of my publication, wherein you fill find that the "sleep on it" phase is not normally skipped.

Maxwell Evans said...

(also, in my defense, I only expressed the desire that people who were happy about the murder should go burn in hell... a desire which, having slept on it, I think I still agree with.)